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About Us

Do better by your dog with Biopup™

The ‘Bio’ in BioPup is short for bioavailability, and bioavailability is the extent to which a nutrient becomes completely available to its intended biological destination - in this case, your Pup!

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Supplements to Support Dog’s Health

We are pet parents and active dog handlers—and we also own dogs that have suffered with unfortunate health conditions like poor digestion, chronic skin issues, and osteoarthritis. After extensive research to try to find remedies, we determined that sometimes these issues cannot be addressed with great nutrition alone. There are still major genetic, active lifestyle associated with repetitive joint microtrauma, and age-related components to our dogs' health that require special attention, so we decided to create our own solution.

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Made for All Dogs

PupFlex+ was formulated out of the need to target development of degenerative joint conditions and to potentially prevent signs of discomfort & stiffness and improve mobility & flexibility of the joints over time.

We believe dogs are family, and they deserve all of the love and care we can provide. We have to remember, though, that they’re not humans. Dogs have their own unique physiology that we must cater to. That’s why we’ve made a science-driven supplement that covers more than one base when it comes to joint health.

PupFlex+ is for all dogs—no matter the age or activity level, and BioPup offers a solution to support your dog’s joints throughout their entire life.

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How Did We Do It?

We focus on using active ingredients that benefit your dog’s health and are more bioavailable than common Glucosamine-based supplements on the market. We combined the most studied and clinically proven nutraceuticals into this one product to help your dog feel their best and to maintain & restore normal mobility. We’re changing the narrative to provide improved health support to all dogs.

BioPup products are made in the USA in a state-of-the-art facility that manufactures both human and animal health products. Our manufacturing facility is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) certified to assure the quality of products.

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About our Founder, Veronika

Certified In Pet Nutrition, Pet Food Expert

Veronika, a dedicated pet nutrition specialist, has skillfully crafted both pet food and supplements working as an independent consultant and developing pet health products for other companies. Her passion lies in highlighting how important a balanced diet is for boosting the health & happiness of every dog.