BioPup™ is a combination of the words bioavailability and pup. Bioavailability is the extent to which a nutrient becomes completely available to its intended biological destination - in this case, your dog!

When we assume dogs get everything they need from their diet, they miss out on additional health benefits that target specific health conditions. They also don’t get antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, joint support, and more.

You can start giving your dog supplements when they’re about 6-12 month of age for preventative care if they’re runners, jumpers, working or sport dogs. You can also provide supplements to a senior dog who needs support in their older age. Dogs of all ages benefit from bioavailability with BioPup.

Lack of mobility & flexibility can occur in different parts of your dog’s body over time including hip joints (hip dysplasia), elbow joints (elbow dysplasia), ankles, knees, and the spine. PupFlex+ helps support healthy joint function in active and athletic dogs, breeds predisposed to joint issues, and is beneficial for improving quality of life and mobility for aging dogs. It can also help with post-injury recovery.

The use of this product in puppies has not been evaluated. However, we recommend starting your young dog (6 months old and older) on this product to maintain healthy joint function and slow down potential joint wear and tear to delay the expression of the genetic predisposition of developing mobility issues, especially in large breed dogs.

For dogs under 25lbs: 1 chew daily

For dogs 25-75lbs: 2 chews daily

For dogs 75lbs and larger: 3 chews daily

Our treat-like soft chews with real krill flavor will have pups drooling for their supplements. If you have an exceptionally picky pup, we recommend crumbling soft chews and serving them with meals or hiding the chews in small amounts of food that they love.

Please consult your veterinarian on that matter if your dog is taking medications. Generally, our supplements are safe to give with medications.

All dogs! From young to seniors, working dogs and athlete canines, to family pups, PupFlex+ is for all dogs.

You can purchase PupFlex+ right here on this site! We’re currently offering one-time purchases and subscriptions.

Yes! We are in the process of developing more kinds of supplements that focus on health and wellness for dogs. 

You can learn more about our ingredients here and dig even deeper into the science of our formulation here!